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  About AMG                              "If you want to run fast, run alone 
                                                         If you want to run far, run together"                                                                                                                     ~ proverb    
AMG provides brand development, brand positioning, and strategic management services to a select roster of corporate clients, professional athletes and artists. AMG has earned a reputation for combining innovation, talent, creativity and successfully implementing business strategies and game-plans that deliver sustainable competitive advantages.  



Whether you are a professional athlete, artist, corporation or a small business owner, AMG can assist you in developing and enhancing the performance of your brand. Combining experience, technology, and best practices, our team of  Fortune 25 industry leaders enables AMG to exceed our clients' highest expectations. Our professionals will implement business strategies and develop solutions to meet your unique concerns.

AMG coordinates brand development, public relations, and crisis management designed to protect your brand. Leveraging our network of business partners' experience and expertise provides our clients with effective business-building opportunities and life-long, reliable business relationships.


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